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Positivity During Lockdown: a 3 Step Plan

I'm not Ok, and that's Ok. Flat lay image of three teabags on a cream wood surface

I'm not ok. How many of us allow ourselves to say this? To ourselves as well as others. This blog, as well as so many others, tends to focus on ways to help us feel ok, feel better. But it's also important to allow ourselves to not be ok.

Life gives us ups and downs. At the moment especially, it can seem like a rollercoaster. With so much social media focusing on how to feel better, it's sometimes hard to remember that it's ok to not be ok. There is so much pressure to feel ok or to do something to fix ourselves and make ourselves happy. This simply is not always possibly and also not healthy.

I'm not Ok

Our feelings are valid and its important to acknowledge them. Most of us know a few tools that can lift our mood, or things to do to cheer ourselves up. But what if there is just no motivation to do those things? A few weeks ago I spent three days laying on the sofa, watching rubbish TV, and eating a whole lot of unhealthy foods. All whilst having an assignment due at the end of the week! But do you know what? I needed it! The hardest thing for me was to not feel guilty about it. Not think about all the other things I “should” be doing. I often thought about the little things I knew I could do to help myself feel better, like going for a walk, phoning a friend for a chat, or maybe even some artwork. But I just didn't want to. I didn't have the energy. And that's Ok!

Sometimes we just need a break - from everything. We need to sit and feel bleugh! So allow yourself the time, and then when you're feeling up to it, pick yourself up and start going again. Everybody does it! They just don't show you it on their carefully edited social media posts! So please, don't feel guilty. Get your PJ's on, a blanket out, some high sugar foods, and relax.

If you do feel you need some help, please reach out. There are some great resources out there, so you don't need to struggle alone. Some links can be found on our page Where To Turn For Help, and you can also visit the Samaritans here.