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Coping With Change in 3 Simple Steps

Coping with change - cup and cookies

Things change all the time. Sometimes it's big things, and sometimes it's little things. Some of these changes we can control and some we just can't. Change causes anxiety and stress. It is our ability to deal with this stress that is significant and can be improved to help us cope with change.

Don't fight the change. Whether it is a good change or a bad change, expected or unexpected, change is inevitable. Don't fight it, acccept it, and understand that your self care needs to take priority at this time.

Simple Steps

My first tip is to keep up your daily routine as much as you can. When things are changing it's important to keep things as routine as possible. So if you normally wake up at 7am and do 20 minutes of yoga, then keep doing it! Your body will be comfortable with this routine and keep you grounded.

Secondly, use a journal to help understand your emotional responses. You may be feeling worry, fear or anger. This is quite normal and needs to be acknowledged before you can move forward to accept the change. A journal is perfect for this and can also be useful for the final tip, planning.

Finally, I would recommend planning for the change, where possible. If you know you're going to be moving, then plan for it as much as you can. Write a to-do list or a schedule to help you take back control of the change. You could also write down your worries and try and work through them rationally. Your mind-talk may be getting carried away and this is a good way to settle the anxiety.

Although the initial feelings of panic may seem overwhelming, it's important to deal with the emotions and reactions to change. These three simple tips will help you guide your reaction and be able to manage the stress associated with change.